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May 8, 2010 | Via Staff

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XRRA Race Results
Race Results: XRRA Races 3 & 4
June 20, 2010 | Via XORRA

Rank Race 3 Race 4
Detailed Results | Next Race: 7/17/10
1st Shannon Campbell Shannon Campbell
2nd Ray Mandel Ray Mandel
3rd Derek West Levi Shirley
4th JT Taylor Derek West

Fat Girl Buggy TTC2010
Video: Fat Girl Buggy Dominates Tank Trap
June 19, 2010 | Via Jsfucttruck

Amateur footage of the Cole Works "Fat Girl" Buggy, driven by Leo Kuether, dominating the Frame Twister at this year's Top Truck Challenge.

Local Motors Rally Fighter
HD Video: Local Motors Rally Fighter
June 17, 2010 | Via Local Motors

For an estimated $50k, you can fly out to the Local Motors' micro-factory in Phoenix and spend two weeks helping them build your very own street legal prerunner.

Chainlink Buggy
Archive: Incredible Chainlink 4x4 Buggy
June 14, 2010 | Via rhauf1

There's thinking outside the box, and then there's whatever this guy did to his Jeep. With independently articulating arms for each wheel, this buggy can off-road in ways we've never seen before. Just watch.

2010 Red Bull Hare Scramble
Video: 2010 Red Bull Hare Scramble
June 8, 2010 | Via FreeSportTV

Highlights of this weekend's 2010 Erzberg Rodeo (aka Red Bull Hare Scramble) where 500 riders started and only 8 finished.

SCORE Race Results
Race Results: SCORE Baja 500
June 6, 2010 | Via Score International

Rank Trophy Truck Class 1 Unlimited
Detailed Results | Next Race: 9/10/10
1st Andy McMillin Steve Appleton
2nd Gus Vildosola Jr. Ronny Wilson
3rd B.J. Baldwin Kory Halopoff
4th Roger Norman Jose Arzate

RMR Shop
HD Video: Rhys Millen RMR Shop Tour
June 1, 2010 | Via HRE Wheels

A behind the scenes look at the Rhys Millen Racing shop and the 2010 Hyundai Genesis PM580 unlimited Pikes Peal race car.

Hydrogen Powered Trophy Truck
HD Video: Hydrogen Powered Trophy Truck
May 31, 2010 | Via Sinister Film Productions

Hessgen, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel systems, built this 700hp trophy truck that will compete in this weekend's 2010 SCORE Baja 500.

Formula One On Ice
HD Video: Formula One On Ice
May 28, 2010 | Via Red Bull

Red Bull takes their Formula One race car, bolts on a set of studded tires, and lets driver Sebastien Buemi loose on a frozen lake to promote Red Bull's F1 return to Montreal.

Mercedes Hexawheel Mercedes Hexawheel Mercedes Hexawheel Mercedes Hexawheel Mercedes Hexawheel
Photos: Mercedes Hexawheel Concept
May 24, 2010 | Via Persia / Local Motors

With six wheel independent suspension and a hydraulically adjustable center pivot, the capabilities of this concept vehicle would take all the fun out of off-roading.

LOORRS Race Results
Race Results: LOORRS Rounds 5 & 6
May 22, 2010 | Via LOORRS

Class Round 5 Winner Round 6 Winner
Detailed Results | Next Race: 6/26/10
Pro 4 Unlimited Carl Renezeder Rick Huseman
Pro 2 Unlimited Rob MacCachren Rob MacCachren
Pro Lite Unlimited Marty Hart Brian Deegan

King 4.5 Bypass Shocks King 4.5 Bypass Shocks King 4.5 Bypass Shocks King 4.5 Bypass Shocks King 4.5 Bypass Shocks
Photos: New 4.5" King Bypass Shock
May 19, 2010 | Via King Shocks

King Shocks introduces their brand new 4.5" bypass racing shock with 5 bypass tubes and 10 adjustment zones.

Europa Truck Trial
Video: 2010 Europa Truck Trial
May 17, 2010 | Via Tatrman813

Get ready, the 2010 Europa Truck-Trial season starts May 22.

Crew Cab Raptor
News: Crew Cab Raptor
May 16, 2010 | Photo Jalopnik

Ford has officially confirmed that a crew cab version of the SVT Raptor will be available as a 2011 model.

HydroDynamic Buggy HydroDynamic Buggy HydroDynamic Buggy HydroDynamic Buggy HydroDynamic Buggy
Photos: Hydrodynamic Buggy
May 14, 2010 | Via HydroDynamic / Pirate4x4

This is Jeff Friesen's hydraulic rock crawler. The buggy is powered by a 2.8l I-6 Datsun engine that runs dual hydrostatic pumps which run fluid to four hydraulic motors located within each wheel.

Russian SUV
Photo: Awesome Soviet SUV
May 9, 2010 | Via EnglishRussia

Quite possibly the first 4x4 SUV ever made, this Soviet Pobeda was a limited edition production vehicle back in early Cold War days.

Indigen Armor NSTT
HD Video: Indigen Armor NSTT
May 6, 2010 | Via Indigen Armor

The Non-Standard Tactical Truck (NSTT) is Indigen Armor's answer to offering soldiers greater mobility in their armored vehicles. It's basically a diesel powered, armored pre-runner.

XRRA Race Results
Race Results: XRRA Races 1 & 2
May 2, 2010 | Via XORRA

Rank Race 1 Race 2
Detailed Results | Next Race: 6/19/10
1st Shannon Campbell Shannon Campbell
2nd Ray Mandel Ray Mandel
3rd Brian Shirley Levi Shirley
4th Levi Shirley Chris May

Terrible Herbst Shop
Link: Terrible Herbst Shop Tour
May 1, 2010 | Via Race Dezert

A behind the scenes tour of the Terrible Herbst Motor Sports race shop. If we owned a string of gas stations and casinos before the economy crashed we'd have a garage like this too.

Ram PowerWagon Concept
Link: Nine Off-Road Chrysler Concepts
April 29, 2010 | Via Car and Driver

Chrysler used the 2010 Easter Jeep Safari to unveil nine Jeep and Ram concept vehicles including a Ford Raptor clone called the Ram Runner and a Jeep Wrangler on portal axles dubbed the Mopar ImMortal.

Classic Robby Gordon
Video: Robby Gordon Age 21
April 27, 2010 | Via DohertyMotorsports

Classic video footage of a 21 year old Robby Gordon competing against Walker Evans in a 1990 SCORE Heavy Metal Challenge race at the Phoenix International Raceway.

2010 Formula Offroad
Video: 2010 Formula Offroad Season Opener
April 24, 2010 | Via 4RnrMatt

The 2010 Formula Offroad season started today in Norway and this is hours old video posted on YouTube by a spectator.

Disabled Explorers
Link: Amazing Disabled Explorers
April 23, 2010 | Via Disabled Explorers

Lance Blair built his Wheelchair Accessible Van for Expeditions (WAVE) after he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 1988. Now, he tours the country helping other disabled people enjoy the thrills of off-roading.

1999 PPIHC Winning Truck
Video: Rod Millen's 1999 PPIHC Truck
April 21, 2010 | Via GoodwoodGraham

This is a video of Rod Millen (Rhys Millen's dad) and his 1999 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb winning Toyota at last year's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Gearhart Engineering 5 Ton Shafts
Photo: 5 Ton Axle Shaft Upgrade
April 19, 2010 | Via Gearhart Engineering

If you think that Ouverson Engineering's 2.5 ton Rockwell axle shafts were hardcore, think again. These are Gearhart Engineering's 5 ton Rockwell axle shafts.

LOORRS Race Results
Race Results: LOORRS Rounds 3 & 4
April 18, 2010 | Via LOORRS

Class Round 3 Winner Round 4 Winner
Detailed Results | Next Race: 5/21/10
Pro 4 Unlimited Rick Huseman Rick Huseman
Pro 2 Unlimited Carl Renezeder Rob MacCachren
Pro Lite Unlimited Brian Deegan Chris Brandt

Household Cleaners Can Kill You
Link: How Brake Cleaner Almost Killed Me
April 17, 2010 | Via BREW Bikes, LLC

Did you know that ordinary brake cleaner, exposed to sparks from a welder, will turn into a poison gas and kill you? Neither did we and that is why we consider this article to be a must-read for all fabricators.

Riot Racing Battle at Primm
HD Video: Riot Racing Battle at Primm
April 16, 2010 | Via Riot Racing

Amazing videography by Riot Racing highlighting their experience at the 2010 Battle at Primm. Click the link, expand the video to full-screen, sit back, and enjoy.

Drugs Smuggled in Dakar Rally Truck
Link: Dakar Truck Used to Smuggle Drugs
April 15, 2010 | Via Fox Sports & Jalopnik

Seven people were detained yesterday after being caught trying to smuggle 1,800Lbs of cocaine in a fake Dakar Rally truck during this year's Dakar Rally that runs between Argentina and Chile.

Monster Energy Monster Truck Monster Energy Monster Truck Monster Energy Monster Truck Monster Energy Monster Truck Monster Energy Monster Truck
Photos: Robby Gordon's Monster Truck
April 14, 2010 | Via Monster Mayhem

Photos of Robby Gordon and the Robby Gordon Motorsports crew testing their brand new, Monster Energy sponsored monster truck.

Denman Tire Bankruptcy
Link: Denman Tire Files for Bankruptcy
April 10, 2010 | Photo Credit Tribune Chronicle

Denman Tire, manufacturer of Interco and Pit Bull tires is struggling to stay in business and may have to close its doors if it fails to win several government contracts. UPDATE: Denman Tire and its molds have been sold to Titan Intl. for $4.4M.

Bill Caswell
Link: The $500 Craigslist WRC Rally Car
March 23, 2010 | Via Jalopnik

After finding a loophole in FIA rules, Bill Caswell bought a used BMW 318i rally car on Craigslist for $500 and entered it into a WRC race in Mexico where he lined up against pro drivers including Ken Block and Kimi Raikkonen. This is his story.

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